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Fostering a sustainable recovery in spite of ‘preconditions’: Five questions that need answering

William White, Senior Fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute in Toronto, former Chairman of the OECD Economic and Development Review Committee, Head of the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements, and Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada

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Picture of an Aircraft Carrier

National Security in a Rapidly Changing World

Simon Dalby
The difficulties many states are having in dealing with both the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency suggests that contemporary security institutions have not been adequately prepared to deal with the novel circumstances of the twenty first century.

Steering Countries through Crisis: Evaluating Approaches to Political Leadership During Pandemic Times

Laura Krizan and Neil Arya
As nations around the world seek to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become apparent that the toolbox of modalities employed is greatly dependent on the political leadership in question.
Homeless woman in medical mask sits in an underground passage near a closed subway.

Canada’s Responses to COVID-19: Impacts on Vulnerable Populations Experiencing Housing Insecurity

Alexandra Giorgis-Audrain and Neil Arya
Canada needs a long-term solution to homelessness.