The Balsillie Papers provides clear, concise, peer-reviewed articles about today’s most complex issues in global governance and international affairs.


Global Governance Implications for Responsible Investing
in Canada: An Analysis of Public Service Pension Plans
Investment Policies

Brandon Dickson

This paper will evaluate a number of public service pension plans from across Canada to understand how RI is incorporated into their investment policies.



Proper Scoping of Data Science:
A Guide for Policy Makers

M. Tamer Özsu Data science has emerged as a promising field to leverage the large volumes of data collected from multiple sources. This paper provides a systematic framing of the field to assist policy makers in developing proper initiatives.
Image of Asia and Australia at night

Strategic Procrastination: Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

Randolph Mank
What is written on paper is of far less value than our actions and the tangible assets we bring to the global table. It often takes a crisis to generate real action.

How Electricity Can Break the Russian Gas Supply Stranglehold on the EU

Jatin Nathwani and Burak Guler
The Russia-Ukraine war raises the question: what should the EU do with its energy infrastructure and fossil-fuels? We argue against massive investments in additional natural gas infrastructure for increasing supply
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