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Shadows of Empire: Hard Brexit, Commonwealth Revival, and UK-Canada Relations

“The increased difficulty of trade, the undermining of intra-Western solidarity, the UK’s long-term decline as an economic powerhouse, the rise of populist politics: Brexit raises all these daunting prospects in Ottawa, and they come with a high price."



Picture of an Aircraft Carrier

National Security in a Rapidly Changing World

Simon Dalby
The difficulties many states are having in dealing with both the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency suggests that contemporary security institutions have not been adequately prepared to deal with the novel circumstances of the twenty first century.

Steering Countries through Crisis: Evaluating Approaches to Political Leadership During Pandemic Times

Laura Krizan and Neil Arya
As nations around the world seek to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become apparent that the toolbox of modalities employed is greatly dependent on the political leadership in question.
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Fostering a sustainable recovery in spite of ‘preconditions’: Five questions that need answering

William White
How will the global economy recover from the Covid-19 shock? Most observers wish for a rapid and sustained recovery and expansion. However, this wish is unlikely to be granted.