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How Electricity Can Break the Russian Gas Supply Stranglehold on the EU

Jatin Nathwani and Burak Guler

The Russia-Ukraine war raises the question: what should the EU do with its energy infrastructure and fossil-fuels? We argue against massive investments in additional natural gas infrastructure for increasing supply.

Electric wire. Free public domain CC0 photo.


Age of Disruption: How Ecological Breakdown Could Alter Globalization

While debates about the true impact of globalization on the global environment continue, some scholars have come to ask about the inverse relationship: How might ecological breakdown influence globalization?

COVID-19: Where we’ve been, where we’re going

Stephanie DeWitte-Orr & Alan Whiteside This paper offers a brief history of viral pandemics and the science of the COVID-19 virus. After reviewing COVID-19’s economic, social, psychological and political impacts, we touch on the implications for health care. Finally, we look at the need for a global, integrated approach that requires new multi-disciplinary thinking, and what this means for policy makers.

The status of the climate after COVID-19: using ethics to overcome scientific uncertainty

Hind A. Al-Abadleh and Stephen F. Haller As pandemic restrictions ease, will we try to maintain our current lifestyles and familiar economic policies? Or, will we rise to the challenge of our time and meet the responsibility of doing things differently, to address socio-economic inequities and environmental calamities?
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