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Navigating the Digital Transformation
and AI in Education and Peer Review

Balsillie Paper - Herden and Nathwani COVER
Münür Sacit Herdem and Jatin Nathwani

This paper presents innovative approaches to rethinking education and peer review in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Necessary policy considerations are addressed as well suggestions for areas of future research.

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Conceptualizing Technology Governance: An Ecosystem Perspective

Jatin Nathwani and Ann Fitz-Gerald
Whereas critical challenges to humanity have been tasking international experts for millennia, rapid advancements in emerging transformative technologies (ETT) give rise to a fundamental problem that requires strategies for risk management and governance.

Artificial Intelligence and New Threat Vectors: Using Scenario Planning for Trend Forecasting

Ann Fitz-Gerald, Dmytro Chumachenko, Halyna Padalko and Vijay Ganesh
As AI technology evolves rapidly, concerns over its potential threats and the necessity for regulatory mechanisms have become central to the global conversation.

Global Governance Implications for Responsible Investing in Canada: An Analysis of Public Service Pension Plans Investment Policies

Brandon Dickson
This paper will evaluate a number of public service pension plans from across Canada to understand how RI is incorporated into their investment policies. 
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